Claudia Clothing is an exclusive clothing boutique brimming with current must-haves for women. Stocked with mature and contemporary American brands, the store allows South African fashionistas to access top-quality designer clothing that caters to their unique tastes, creativity and individuality.

The owner, Claudia Goldberg, has a strong background in American brands. Having worked in retail fashion in the United States, she is very familiar with the high-quality, classic styles of the clothing. And she has taken it upon herself to make the brands that she loves accessible to South Africans.

Claudia Clothing specialises in sophisticated US clothing lines and a few other imports, as well as a few local lines. The boutique is home to timeless, contemporary collections that are coveted by customers. Soft fabrics, classic styles, and looks that won’t date cover the walls of Claudia Clothing, where customers can buy their favourite pieces knowing that they will be a wearable part of their wardrobe for many years to come.

With a wide range of designs, the boutique caters to and attracts a large and varied customer base. The company is constantly striving to make beautiful and exclusive pieces accessible; pieces that cannot be found anywhere else.

As a niche store, Claudia Clothing is known for stocking specialist items. And with such streamlined stock comes the need for streamlined business processes. Claudia prides herself on running a business with great integrity.

Monthly stock-takes are always under control, and the boutique’s organisational and functional aspects run like clockwork. In addition, Claudia works very closely with, and ably manages, her trustworthy team members.